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Wettone Matthews


1. What should I look for in an accountant?

Whether you are a small or medium sized company, a startup, an individual or a charity, you need to choose your accountant carefully.

Your accountant should provide you with a full range of services at a competitive price of course, but ideally they should do much more than that.

They should take away as much administrative burden as they can, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – your business.

They should give you peace of mind.

They should be proactive on your behalf, keeping up with legislation, the economy and your marketplace and constantly assessing how changes could impact on and potentially benefit you – and recommending how you might take advantage.

They should be someone to whom you feel you could turn for advice about almost any aspect of your business.

And they should be someone that you actually enjoy dealing with.

2. If I do want to change, how do I go about it?

It is very straightforward.  You simply contact us and we take care of the rest.

3. Are you expensive?

No.  The size of our firm allows us to provide a very comprehensive range of services, but we are small enough to have a local focus and to know and care about our clients, who are fellow members of the local business and social community.

All of our fees are agreed up-front, and we offer various payment options – that may be an annual fee for specific services, or in some cases it might make more sense for us to charge you an hourly rate.  In any case, our Price Promise guarantees value for you, and means that we will always use the most appropriate member of staff for each aspect of your accounts.

4. If I have just had my accounts done for the year, is there any point in talking to you now?

It is always good to plan well in advance and to have important business matters – like your accountant! – in place as early as possible.  We believe that accountancy is an ongoing service, not an annual event: you should always be able to contact your accountant for advice or general business support – at any point in the year.

5. How do I know if we will get on?

Our initial consultation is free, confidential and without obligation.  You can describe your accountancy requirements and we can ask questions and discuss how we work in more detail.  At the end of the meeting, you will have a good idea about our services and our style.

6. Where do we meet?

You are welcome to come to our offices, although it often works better if we come to yours, then we can get a feel for your business, and are able to take a first look at your books and records.

7. How soon can we meet?

When would be convenient for you?  We can come and see you as soon as you need us to.  Indeed, if you need some urgent advice, then we pride ourselves on being to respond to our clients’ requirements and timescales.

8. If we agree a fee for our annual accounting, will that stay fixed for further years?

We see our relationships with our clients very much as long-term partnerships, so we are certainly not just after your business for a year.  If your accounting requirements remain the same, then it is likely that our fees for subsequent years will increase only in line with inflation.  Of course, many of our clients, once they get to know us and understand the full range of what we can offer, avail themselves of additional services as time goes by.

9. It all sounds good, but how can you prove the quality of your work?

We were awarded the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants “Quality Checked” Seal in 2001, one of the first firms in the UK to receive this award.  In addition, you are very welcome to speak to one or more of our existing clients.  Please just contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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